Take a ride with the mad ones in this new trailer for On the Road

One has to wonder what Jack Kerouac's thoughts would be about his classic novel, ON THE ROAD being turned into a feature film. Walter Salles (THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES) seemed to give his all to the project. He even went as far as tracing the route that Kerouac did while filming a documentary that coincides.

For those who have seen the film, the reviews are mixed, just like the initial reviews of the book back when it was published in 1957. Several state that the material is at times not meant to be adapted. Well you should all know by know that some studios don't give two shits about that generally. I am a little on the fence about it myself, but after seeing some of the footage it looks decent. This new trailer captures everything that the book represents. I love how it sort of feels like a fantastic daydream. Oh to be young and carefree...

The film stars Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, Kristen Stewart, Amy Adams, Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen, Alice Braga, Steve Buscemi, Elisabeth Moss, and Terrence Howard. ON THE ROAD will be out in limited release on December 21st.

After his father's death in the late 1940s, 24-year-old aspiring writer Sal Paradise meets 20-year-old ex-jailbird Dean Moriarty and his beautiful wife Marylou in New York. Dean is extremely charming and has a flexible moral code, and is as fascinated by Sal's obsession with writing as Sal is by the unfettered freedom of his lifestyle. The two men spend intense nights of drinking, dreaming of another world, and forming a friendship that will take them on a trip across America. After staying at Bull Lee’s place in Louisiana, Sal, Dean, and Marylou continue traveling - naked and utterly enjoying themselves.

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