Take an interactive 360 degree tour of the set of Frankenweenie!

Frankenweenie 656 title

FRANKENWEENIE is set to rise up from its earthly grave in less than a month on October 5th, which gives you just enough time to ramp up whatever your level of excitement may be by checking out this rather cool set of interactive 360 degree tours of Tim Burton's stop motion set.

One is with producer Allison Abbate, one is with Animation Director Trey Thomas, and a third (yet-unavailable) tour all await you on the official website.  Click through, take a look around, then strike back below that to let us know how excited (or not) you may be for Tim Burton's pet-centric Universal monster throwback.

Frankenweenie set tour pic

Extra Tidbit: This is the first Tim Burton movie to not feature Johnny Depp since 2003's BIG FISH, and the first to not feature Helena Bonham Carter since 1999's SLEEPY HOLLOW. Do we think that was intentional, or did scheduling and the like just not work out?



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