Take the ultimate leap of faith with new Assassin's Creed clips

We have officially entered the final 12 days till Christmas, and although I could take from a certain song and give you a bunch of birds and old lady jewelry, I’m just gonna focus on day two. No, you’re not getting some trick-ass turtle doves, but instead two new ASSASSIN’S CREED clips, both of which shed some more light on the tone and style of the flick.

In the first clip we get a glimpse at the inside of the Abstergo building, where Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) is having a sit-down in the cafeteria with Moussa (Michael K. Williams).

Next up is another action clip like we’ve seen in trailers, this time concluding in the infamous “Leap of Faith” dive from the video games. But we also see a bit of past/present editing, as the action cuts between running and jumping in Spain, and inside the Animus in the present day with Lynch acting out his ancestor's memories, it seems.

I’m more intrigued by the first clip than the latter, as we’ve seen so little of the dynamics between the others being used by Abstergo. There’s a real prison yard vibe going on here so I’m interested to see how the plot in the present-day setting plays out. As for the action clip, I’m not too thrilled. Sure it’s just a taste and not the whole movie, but I’m not really feeling the back-and-forth cutting. In the clip it feels awkward and choppy, taking me out of the smooth action of the assassin scenes. Maybe it comes together nicely as the movie plays out, but if anything interrupts Michael Fassbender killing baddies as the ultimate assassin I will storm out in a huff. Huff I say!

ASSASSIN'S CREED leaps into a theater near you December 21.



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