Taken 2 starts shooting this October with "everyone" returning

Yes, it's another sequel purely getting made for financial reasons, but we can still hope it could be good, right?

TAKEN 2 doesn't have a release date yet, but it does have a start date, which ComingSoon got out of Luc Besson. Cameras start rolling in October on the new film, whose plot details are murky, but Besson says that "everyone" is returning.

Obviously we know Neeson's back to kick some ass, but I guess that mean Famke Jensen and Maggie Grace as well. Who else? The douchebag stepdad? The old SEAL team? The fat arab who survived his headshot?

It would be cool if they somehow turned Maggie Grace's character into a killing machine, hardened and numb after her horrific experience and following in the footsteps of her father. I sort of doubt that will be at all what happens, but I'm just going to speculate until we hear something official.

Extra Tidbit: Neeson wanted to be in THE PHANTOM MENACE so badly, he accepted without reading the script. Whoops.
Source: ComingSoon



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