Taken prequel TV show gets new trailer

So we just talked about how Liam Neeson will no longer be playing badass dad Bryan Mills in any TAKEN sequels, as well as the fact that there is a prequel TV show is on the way. Well, now we get to see footage of that new show with a new trailer sent by NBC. Let's take a look, shall we:

Um...what? Did they really have to do another fridged wife to give Bryan Mills motivation? He couldn't just be, you know, a covert ops guy because he felt like it? Also, wouldn't it be more interesting to see him beginning the series happily married (to an alive woman) and during the course of the show see the deterioration of the marriage (so it gives some added poignancy to the first movie?)

Other than that, it looks generic as f*ck. So while certainly not the trainwreck the idea would suggest, it just seems like a bland DTV sequel. Though to be fair Clive Standen does look a bit like Liam Neeson if you squint and have pink eye, but also seems to be a good actor that holds his own in the quick snippets of action we see. And while I wasn't the biggest fan of ROGUE ONE, that movie at least showed that prequels don't have to be excruciatingly bad. So here's hoping this one could be good too. 

TAKEN the TV series will show off its certain set of skills sometime later this year on NBC. 

Extra Tidbit: Josh Pence played young Ra's al Ghul (thus young Liam Neeson) in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.
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