Exclusive Interview: Talk 'N Shop with Michael Biehn!

Back to Amoeba Records we go!

It’s been awhile but JoBlo.com returns to the coolest record store in Hollywood for another Talk ‘n Shop, our recurring feature where we head to Amoeba Records and talk (and shop) with awesome people. And frankly, it is hard to think of another actor I would want to talk shop with besides the uber-cool and exceptionally talented Michael Biehn.

This iconic actor starred in the celebrated sci-fi flicks ALIENS and THE TERMINATOR. He again worked with James Cameron in THE ABYSS as Lt. Coffey in one of the film’s best performances. Aside from spending time with JC, he has also made his mark in THE FAN, RAMPAGE, TOMBSTONE, THE ROCK, GRINDHOUSE, the upcoming feature THE VICTIM and this weekend’s limited release THE DIVIDE.

In part one of our two part interview, Biehn fills us in on The Divide - an intense and fear-provoking post apocalyptic horror thriller. He opens up about the improvisation that carried much of the film and the real life hostility that went on during the shoot. After listening to what he had to say about this flick, I was ready to go for another sitting of this mesmerizing tale.

The dark and disturbing feature is not the only thing Michael wanted to open up about. Our conversation also turned to THE VICTIM. This indie not only features the actor in one of the film’s leading roles, he also wrote and directed this wild and wicked thriller. While you’ll hear more about THE VICTIM in part two of our interview coming next week, you’ll also find out what Mr. Biehn feels is the best horror film ever made. Many of you will undoubtedly agree.

So sit back and enjoy PART 1 of this JoBlo.com exclusive, where we Talk ‘N Shop with one of the coolest folks to take on Hollywood… the great Michael Biehn!
Extra Tidbit: Happy Friday the 13th everyone!
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