Tarantino talks for an uncensored hour on Howard Stern!

Django Unchained - Tarantino card

It's not so rare to see a personality as distinct and influential as Quentin Tarantino take the time to talk in a public situation such as Howard Stern's radio talkshow, but it IS rather rare to see one so distinct and influental as Tarantino willing to take any and every question asked of him.  For over an hour.

The interview with Stern and Robin Quivers covers everything from his relationship with his absent father to deeper details about how he got his start in the world of film to why film and 24 FPS are so important to him to how he drifted away from acting and developed his screenwriting skills instead.  And so much more besides - seriously, Stern, Quivers, and Tarantino cover any aspect of the filmmaking process about which you might wonder as well as Tarantino's life as a whole. 

It's a long listen, but well worth it whether you be a fan of Tarantino or a fan of film with an interest in how a career like Tarantino's ever came together.

And as I'm sure you know by now, DJANGO UNCHAINED arrives December 25th.

Extra Tidbit: Who is another filmmaker that you'd want to see/hear talk in such an uncensored way?
Source: YouTube



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