Taron Egerton isn't nearly quick enough for Jamie Foxx in Robin Hood clip

We're a little over a month away from the release of the next "gritty, revisionist" take on the Robin Hood legend, but hopefully the Otto Bathurst (Peaky Blinders) film will give us a little more than that. ROBIN HOOD will star Taron Egerton (KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE) as Robin of Loxley, a war-hardened Crusader. Together with his Moorish commander (Jamie Foxx), the pair mount an "audacious revolt against the corrupt English crown in a thrilling action-adventure packed with gritty battlefield exploits, mind-blowing fight choreography, and a timeless romance." Lionsgate has released a new clip from the upcoming film, which finds Robin Hood showing off his archery skills to Little John (Foxx) only to discover that he's not quite fast enough.

Director Otto Bathurst has previously said that he believes that the legend of Robin Hood is still extremely relevant in today's society. "You don’t become a legend for 800 years if you’ve just stolen a few bags of money from rich people to give to the poor. In my mind, Robin Hood was this sort of seriously militarized anarchist revolutionary, a freedom thinker and a truth seeker," Bathurst said. "And the more I got into the story, it just became startling how utterly relevant it is to what’s going on in society now." In addition to Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx, ROBIN HOOD also stars Eve Hewson (The Knick) as Maid Marian, Jamie Dornan (The Fall) as Will Scarlett, and Ben Mendelsohn (READY PLAYER ONE) as the Sheriff of Nottingham.

ROBIN HOOD will hit theaters on November 21, 2018.

Source: Lionsgate



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