Taron Egerton teases Robin Hood: Origins & Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Taron Egerton Kingsman: The Golden Circle Robin Hood: Origins

Taron Egerton may still be a fresh face on the scene, but he's already got one franchise under his belt and another potential one waiting in the wings. That potential franchise is ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS, one of the many Robin Hood projects in various stages of development, and Egerton will be traveling to Hungary next month to start shooting. The young actor will of course be playing the titular character and he recently chatted with Collider about what we can expect from this latest re-imagining of the Robin Hood mythos.

It’s a real reimagining; it’s not really very recognizable as Robin Hood. Robin Hood has a reputation for being quite clean and wholesome, aside from Alan Rickman’s amazing performance in the Kevin Costner version, but it’s tights and thigh-slapping and merry men. This is really kind of dark and gritty and very funny too, but it’s a real revisionist version of the story. There’s no singing and riding through the glen in this; it’s a real war movie. Quite an anti-establishment war movie, I would say… It’s dark. And Robin’s not perfect in it, either, which is what I like about it. He’s not a classic hero, he makes mistakes.

As Collider themselves noted, it sounds a little like Ridley Scott's ROBIN HOOD. Hopefully Taron Egerton's younger presence will only be one of the many elements which helps to set it apart. Joining Egerton in ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS will be Jamie Foxx as Little John, Jamie Dornan as Will Scarlett and Eve Hewson as Maid Marion. Egerton also teased that they already have the "most kick ass" Sheriff of Nottingham and that we'll soon be getting an official announcement.

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, but the film absolutely surprised me in the best way possible and left me hungry for more. Production on KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN SERVICE recently wrapped up and Taron Egerton seems confidant that we'll be getting more of what we want and then some.

It’s fucking mental, but it’s what people like and it’s what Matthew is good at. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s awesome… It’s bigger and it feels more ambitious, really. There are more characters, the world is explored in more detail. This weird version of reality where these spies exist is kind of explored more. I know Matthew’s announced a lot about the fact that we discover a sister organization based in America called the Statesman. They’re richer than us, they’ve got cool shit.

KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE is set for a October 6, 2017 release while ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS will arrive on March 23, 2018.

Source: Collider



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