Taxi Driver will roll back into theaters for 40th anniversary

Are you acknowledging me? There’s no one else in the general vicinity, so you must be referring to only me.

What do you think of my Robert De Niro impression? I don’t break it out often, only on special occasions like this. Oh, why is it a special occasion, you ask? Well, considering you read the headline you must already have an idea, but in case you clicked this by accident, and are still reading for some reason, let me fill you in: The Martin Scorsese classic, TAXI DRIVER, is returning to theaters next month. Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty [email protected] special.

In commemoration of the movie's 40th anniversary, a re-release of the 1976 classic will screen in theaters across the country on October 16 and 19 courtesy of Fathom Events. Along with the movie there will be a 10-minute excerpt of the Q&A from the Tribeca Film Festival, featuring De Niro, Jodie Foster, Scorsese, screenwriter Paul Schrader and more.

That’s not at all, because on November 8 a new two-disc anniversary edition Blu-ray will be released which will include the full 40-minute interview from the TFF, plus it has some sweet cover art.

This is a grand time to be a movie fan, as YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN will also be returning to theaters in early October, and word coming out that TERMINATOR 2 may finally get it’s 3D re-release next year as well. Though I may avoid getting the Blu-ray, (I already have the 2011 edition) chances are I will be first in line to get tickets to see the flick on the big screen. TAXI DRIVER is one of the defining movies of the 70’s, and is the movie that really put Scorsese on the map.  Although GOODFELLAS is my favorite of his movies, DRIVER is easily in the top five. As for De Niro, this film is the ultimate testament to his genius. I wish I could pull off a mohawk...

Check out TAXI DRIVER in theaters October 16 and 19.

Source: SonyFathom



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