Taylor Kitsch will not do a sequel for John Carter without Andrew Stanton

There's been tons of talk about how JOHN CARTER might be a massive box office bomb for Disney. Despite the unknown, director Andrew Stanton seems to have a vision for the sequel. However, if a second installment does move forward, Taylor Kitsch will only reprise his role if Stanton directs.

While doing press for the film, the peeps over at /Film spoke with both Kitsch and Stanton about a sequel. Kitsch's statements are up first, "It’s such an origin story for JC, this one, and you’re always trying to ground yourself, in the first weeks of any film, of the tone, the character, of all that stuff. But now we have it. This sequel, we’re landing and we’re going full tilt. So that’s what I’m excited to do. You guys will know where John is so there’s no explaining the back story anymore. And I know where Stanton’s going with it and it’s pretty great."

Then they ask if they think Stanton will definitely come back for a sequel, "Him? Yeah. Yeah I won’t do it unless it’s him."

Next up is Stanton, "I fell so in love with the cast and the crew and how the results were coming together the way I wanted to, I started investing in writing the second one more seriously. Economics will be the reason why it goes forward or doesn’t go forward. That’s the biggest reason. And we’ve been very practical since day one, our first conversation six years ago in 2006, we’ll see how this goes and if it goes well, we’ll be primed and ready to do the next one. and if not, I’ve got plenty of other ideas."

Stanton was then informed of Kitsch's undying allegiance, "Well, he’s a sweetheart and I’d like to say the same."

Extra Tidbit: Do you guys think the film will bomb?
Source: /Film



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