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I'd like to think that sometimes I go above and beyond for you guys. I've reported on SEX AND THE CITY DEVELOPMENTS, in case you were interested, I've unveiled the MADE OF HONOR poster, in case you were into that kind of thing and/or possibly mentally damaged, and I've shown you the MADE OF HONOR trailer, which basically made me hate myself. But I will not spoil the (now confirmed) mini-film which introduces The Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT for myself. I just will not. I wouldn't be able to look myself in the mirror if I did. So go and check it out for yourselves, if you really want to by clicking over HERE. Although that thing is like the One Ring; you're gonna feel awesome while you read it, but as soon as it's over you're gonna feel horrible. Apparently the clip is to be be shown before the IMAX version of I AM LEGEND and is lifted straight from the film. And also, fitting nicely into my love for hyperbole, UGO described it as "easily the best short film I've seen since Hardware Wars". I'm starting to think that I AM LEGEND is gonna get the shaft big time, since it's going to have to follow this thing up. And I just don't see how that's possible.
Extra Tidbit: If you went out tonight and got outta your mind drunk, would you be more pissed if you a) slept with that really ugly friend you have that has always had a thing for you, but you have never sunk that low; or b) came home and read the spoiler report?
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