Teaser for Disney XD's animated Spider-Man swings in

So yet another SPIDER-MAN animated series is on its way, which this one seems to be cribbing some aesthetics from the recent SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING costume (namely his make-shift costume). However, with clips of him swinging around in his regular SPIDER-MAN costume, I'm not sure how long he'll have that suit though (which at this point is really the only thing separating it).

Either way, this series will once again put Peter Parker in high school to explore his origins and blah, blah, blah. I mean the animation looks okay, and it could be fun. And, you know what? Kids will probably love it. It just isn't lighting my world on fire. But who gives a shit about me, and check out the recent promo for yourself:

Meanwhile, SPIDER-MAN will premiere on Disney XD later this summer.

Extra Tidbit: In the 90s SPIDER-MAN cartoon, Spider-Man wasn't allowed to throw a punch, so the writers/animators had to be very clever how they staged fight scenes.
Source: YouTube



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