Teaser trailer for 7500 starring Ryan Kwanten and Leslie Bibb is up!

The first teaser trailer for 7500, the mid-air supernatural thriller starring Ryan Kwanten, Leslie Bibb, Amy Smart, Scout Taylor-Compton, and Jerry Ferrera is now online, featuring a whole lot of the same ol' chills you're used to. Featuring out-of-context music, a lot of fade-to-black, jump cuts, and people looking at something scary off camera, it's about what you'd expect...except, y'know...it's on an airplane.

Check it out:

For some, being on an airplane is scary enough. Now, you're gonna put ghosts onboard? What's next? Snakes? Oh...yeah. The spookshow is from Takashi Shimizu (THE GRUDGE films) and involves a supernatural force overtaking passengers on the plane who all have some type of connection to it. Let's hope they don't crash land on a mysterious island at the end, where they'll face a smoke monster and repeating numbers.

7500 will serve complimentary horror and a continental breakfast on August 31st, 2012

Extra Tidbit: Anyone catch Leslie Bibb in The Midnight Meat Train?
Source: IGN



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