Teens versus teens in the trailer for Battle Royale DVD

Even if you haven't managed to see it for yourself in the decade since its original Japanese release, you're probably at least moderately familiar with the notoriously brutal BATTLE ROYALE.

Like a futuristic hardcore variation of "Survivor", the 2000 movie (the last finished film of director Kinji Fukasaku) stars "Beat" Takeshi Kitano as a teacher in charge of the "Battle Royale" program, which brings entire classes of troublesome students to an island and forces them to slaughter one another until only one remains. Anyone who refuses to participate gets a brand new hole in their carotid artery courtesy of an explosive necklace, but at least they get nifty items like handguns and pot lids to assist in the massacre.

The planned Hollywood remake from FAST AND FURIOUS producer Neal Moritz thankfully never happened, but the controversial movie (which also brought the oddly attractive Chiyaki Kuriyama to the attention of Quentin Tarantino for his KILL BILL bodyguard Go-Go Yubari) is finally getting a home release in the US on March 20th, to conveniently coincide with the theatrical premiere of the similarly themed THE HUNGER GAMES. You can check out the trailer below and pre-order HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Supposedly THE HUNGER GAMES author Suzanne Collins had never seen nor heard of BATTLE ROYALE. Suuuuuuure.
Source: Yahoo



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