Teeth have bite

Sundance always provides a few hot oddballs, and TEETH is the latest. The movie has already been grabbed for distribution by The Weinstein Co. and Lionsgate in a partnership that will hopefully please fans of genre movies and... hazardous crotch regions.

The movie, certain to catch big buzz just based on the premise, involves a high school girl whose vagina has a mind of its own... and teeth. As in, the kind that'll violently chomp anything in range that it doesn't appreciate. Like, say, a penis. Or one of those sausage and pancake on a stick things. Those are pretty awful.

TEETH, which delves into the "mythology" of vagina dentata, is apparently more of an allegory for teenage virginity and sexuality than an outright horror flick. At the very least it should prove popular in Japan, where it seems like teeth and tentacles and various seafood are always emerging from or being inserted into bodily orifices (in the movies and anime, anyway). There's more about the movie RIGHT HERE.
Extra Tidbit: While a fair bit higher on the human body, the loopy low-budget flick KILLER TONGUE also featured a girl with lethal anatomy and starred horror regulars Melinda Clarke, Robert Englund and Doug Bradley (yep, Freddy Kruger and Pinhead).



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