Tell Tale clip

I thought actor Josh Lucas might have the potential to be a "Next Big Thing", but while he's been in some high-profile movies... those movies have unfortunately been STEALTH and POSEIDON. Oops.

He's taken it down in scale for the Poe-inspired horror flick TELL TALE, making its debut at the Tribeca film festival. The synopsis: Terry (Josh Lucas) is a struggling, single father whose life is finally looking up after becoming the recent recipient of a successful heart transplant. With a new lease on life, Terry begins to find love again in the form of a beautiful English doctor (Lena Headey) who has been helping to care for his daughter and her rare degenerative disorder. However, after a strange series of events at the local hospital, Terry soon finds his heart beating to a very different drummer. Mysteriously, it begins to slowly take hold of him, eventually leading the young father on a frantic and harrowing search to find the donor's killer before he meets a similar fate.

The movie comes from writer Dave Callaham (DOOM) and director Michael Cuesta ("Dexter"), and also features the reliable Brian Cox. Check the clip below.

Extra Tidbit: Lucas was part of Bateman's social circle in AMERICAN PSYCHO.
Source: JoBlo



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