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Update: The rumor confusion has been cleared up. Thanks to reader plkrtn, we have video of Landis stating (around the 10:10 mark) that Pegg and Tennant are both on board. Check out the whole Q&A, which is quite cool.

Will David Tennant star along side Simon Pegg in BURKE & HARE?

The actor was never officially confirmed for the movie. Apparently it was just a rumor when we reported about it a couple of weeks ago. The film is based on actual events about two men who between 1827 and 1828 were quickening the deaths of the sick and stealing bodies from graves in order to sell fresh cadavers at a medical school. The amazing John Landis will be directing the dark comedy.

Empire got the scoop straight from Tennant during his premiere for GLORIOUS 39 on the status of the project. He slyly smiled and said, "Where do these things come from?” Dancing around an answer, he continued, "I don’t like to jinx things by talking about them before they’re done, you know what I mean? But John Landis is a legend." I take that as a yes.

When I first heard this news I about pissed myself. My current obsession is DR.WHO, mainly the adventures of the tenth doctor, Tennant. This movie has awesome sauce sprayed all over it. You've got Landis directing, a great story, and two excellent actors so far. Tennant will also get to speak in his native Scottish tounge as both Burke and Hare were two Ulster-born Scots. On WHO, the tenth doctor speaks in an Estuary English accent, and from what I've been told he doesn't use his own accent too much on other projects he's been involved in.

All I know is, he should be in more movies.

Extra Tidbit: I'm sorry but I want to make it my mission to do Tennant. Even though this will probably never happen, it had to be said.
Source: Empire



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