Terminator 5 Casting: Five actors are being considered for the roles of Sarah and John Connor

I've been waiting for some sort of news on TERMINATOR 5. I'm excited about the possibility that Alan Taylor (GAME OF THRONES, THOR: THE DARK WORLD) could be the director. He certainly has a lot to say about the production for someone who doesn't even have the job yet…or does he? I have a feeling we will know for sure soon enough.

On to the news of the day, the guys over at Schmoes Know have another exclusive this time pertaining to the two other major roles in TERMINATOR-- Sarah and John Connor.

Emilia Clarke (GAME OF THRONES), Brie Larson (21 JUMP STREET), and Margot Robbie (WOLF OF WALL STREET) are being considered for Sarah. Notice another Alan Taylor connection with Clarke being up for a role. There are things I like about both Larson and Clarke. However, I can't say much for Robbie since I am not as familiar with her work. I think Larson has the personality but I wonder about the physicality. For Clarke it's the opposite though I do love me some Daenerys. Fun Fact: Another GAME OF THRONES alumni, Lena Heady played Sarah in TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES.

Boyd Holbrook (THE HOST) and Garrett Hedlund (TRON: LEGACY) have been thrown into the mix for John Connor. I'm not sold on either of these choices but prefer Holbrook who was great in History Channel's HATFIELDS and MCCOYS.

Both ages that are being looked at for the characters range between 20s to early 30s. Does this mean that John is going to go back and talk to his mom before he's born? What does this mean for the Terminator? Where is he at in the picture?

Let us know what you think below!

Source: Schmoes Know



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