Terry Gilliam chases windmills no longer! Don Quixote finally filming!

The epic saga of Terry Gilliam trying to get his THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE movie off the ground could make an epic movie of its own. Hell, they already did with 2002's LOST IN LA MANCHA! I mean, this movie has had more false starts than Mickey Rourke's comeback career!

Well, it looks like Gilliam's luck has finally changed! According to IndieWire, a source close to the production has said shooting has begun this week. This is corroborated by two separate Instagram posts, one from actress Rossy de Palma (who was to be part of the movie’s original production), dated February 27th:


FinallyHereWeAre ✨🎬✨ #themanwhokilleddonquixote love you #TerryGilliam ❤

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And another from makeup artist Sylvie Imbert dated as recently as March 6th (though unfortunately hers seems to have been taken down). It reportedly showed "[Imbert] poring over a production grid for the film and is captioned, 'Final touches last night.'" Cool.

It appears Adam Driver is still attached to play the lead (an arrogant advertising exec who becomes entangled with Quixote's quest), with Jonathan Pryce as the eponymous Quixote. Let's hope this time Gilliam can stop chasing windmills and make the damn movie already! I for one can't wait!

No official release date has been announced as of yet (which is somewhat foreboding), but we should be getting more news about it soon. Don't worry, we'll keep you posted!

Extra Tidbit: Terry Gilliam is Patsy in MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL, the one who clangs the two coconut halves together and says Camelot "is only a model".
Source: IndieWire



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