Terry Gilliam's next film/commercial The Wholly Family will be available online

Terry Gilliam, a man who should need no introduction to film junkies, has a new short film on the way called THE WHOLLY FAMILY. 

A surreal comedy about an American family who goes on vacation in Naples, the short was funded by Italian pasta company Garofalo. They commissioned a set of shorts to take place in dear old Napoli and Gilliam seems to have taken advantage of that. It looks as trippy as anything Gilliam usually does but it has a weird commercial feel to it. You can check out the trailer for it below.

THE WHOLLY FAMILY will be available for streaming online on The Guardian for £1.99, which is approximately $270 U.S. Thankfully, they've decided to discount us down to a mere $2.99. A small price to pay for a new Terry Gilliam film, but is it more than we should be paying for what's essentially a commercial?

Along with the short there will be an interview with Gilliam by Peter Berg right before the film starts screening. The interview will be free no matter if you decide to pay for the short or not, so check out The Guardian on the 23rd for that. 

Source: Terry Gilliam



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