Tessa Thompson is interested in playing the new Kick-Ass

A little under a month ago comic book icon Mark Millar unveiled his new version of Kick-Ass, which replaces the good-hearted but foolish Dave Lizewski with Patience Lee, a single mother with serious combat training. Around the time the news was announced Millar said he sees THOR: RAGNAROK star Tessa Thompson taking on the role in a movie adaptation, and now Thompson has replied on Twitter saying she’s very interested in the kicking-ass business.

Thompson put out the tweet yesterday saying how excited she is to read the new comic, which comes out this Wednesday. No plans have been announced for any sort of movie version, but Thompson stole the show and proved her ass-kicking skills in RAGNAROK, so seeing her don the cheap green wetsuit may very well be in the cards.

Being a combat veteran returning from Afghanistan, Lee is described as more “capable” than Lizewski, who was simply a skinny nerd. Millar would explain that making Lee the new focus represents a shift in the kinds of heroes we'll see in the future. "The ’80s leads were hard-bodied and one-dimensional, the ’90s leads were animated funnymen, and the noughties leads were nerds," he said. "Patience is the very capable grownup we admire and want to be in this decade."

Who knows if they will make a new Kick-Ass movie centering on Lee, but if Thompson is involved then I am definitely on board. She is making some excellent choices as her career skyrockets, with THOR: RAGNAROK being a massive success and ANNIHILATION getting phenomenal early reactions. She's a supporting player in both of those movies, and she deserves the chance to lead what would be such a high-profile project. If people dig the comic then she could get said chance, and if she does, I will be waiting here ready to light the fireworks.

The new Kick-Ass comic hits the shelves February 14. and ANNIHILATION is out February 23.

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