T'formers 2 writer is ...?

Before we get into talking about the script for TRANSFORMERS 2, let me just tell you something about the script for the first TRANSFORMERS. It wasn't very good. And I actually loved the finished movie. But the script just wasn't working for me and didn't read well on paper. So Transformers fans shouldn't get too worried about the new scripting team Paramount, DreamWorks and Spielberg have hired to write the new script. It's all just a means to a robot wrestling end. In any event, Ehren Kruger has signed on to co-write TRANSFORMERS 2 along with original writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. The studio probably would've stuck with just Kurtzman and Orci but the duo is awful busy with other writing projects (STAR TREK) and producing projects (EAGLE EYE). So Kruger will work with Kurtzman and Orci on the same script that the studio looks to begin filming next year (depending on what happens with the strike). It's unclear what direction the sequel will take the film but one thing they may have to explain is all of those Megan Fox tattoos. Below, I'd like to hear some thoughts on your top choice for which Transformer should join the cast. My thoughts? Wreck-Gar. Yes, I'm just kidding. Don't flame me.

Extra Tidbit: Kruger previously worked with Spielberg on a script for the once-planned miniseries "The Talisman."



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