T'formers web carpet

Transformers We're mere hours away from the world premiere of Michael Bay's explosion-laced, warring robots masterpiece, TRANSFORMERS, and if you've never experienced the thrill of the red carpet, CBS Radio is here to take you inside the festivities for an event they've cleverly named "Transformers: Live at the Web Carpet". They'll be streaming a live webcast from the premiere at THIS SITE starting at 9:30 pm EST or 6:30 pm PST so be sure to tune in to hear Shia LaBeouf deflect questions about INDIANA JONES, Megan Fox vehemently defend her being cast for her "talent" and not her "hot ass", Tyrese and Josh Duhamel talk about what it's like to play second fiddle to a teenager and The Bay himself talk about, well, what else, blowing shit the fuck up. The rest of us get to see robots annihilate each other on a ridiculously grand scale July 4th.

Extra Tidbit: Let's hope Bay's reserved some special shit to blow up for the red carpet.
Source: CBS Radio



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