The Rock says that Big Trouble In Little China remake is still happening

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BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA is still getting the remake treatment. 

If you thought that maybe the lack of conversation being had about the idea announced last year with Dwayne Johnson rocking the role of Jack Burton meant the project had fallen by the wayside, you'd be wrong. 

That's happening, man! That's happening, that's happening. And again, that's one of those things where you gotta take really good care of it.

Those were the words shared by Johnson over the weekend during a junket interview with Fandango to promote CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE, so I would guess it's happening. I mean, he only said it three times. That means that regardless of his planned Robert Ludlum universe plan, regardless of the JUMANJI reboot, regardless of THE FALL GUY or more FAST & FURIOUS movies or SHAZAM or BALLERS or the dozens of other things The Rock has on his plate for the years to come, he's getting up a four o'clock every morning to make sure he gets it all done... If you smell what he's cooking.


Source: Fandango



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