That'll do; James Cromwell joins the cast of Jurassic World 2

James Cromwell Jurassic World 2

The presence of James Cromwell is always a very welcome one, and over his long career the actor has certainly built himself a very impressive filmography with appearances in L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT, Six Feet Under, THE GREEN MILE, Boardwalk Empire, and, of course, BABE. Cromwell's latest project will see him stand toe to claw with some of our world's largest and most dangerous animals.

THR reports that James Cromwell is the latest to join up with J.A. Bayona's JURASSIC WORLD 2. As usual, nothing has been revealed about the specifics of who Cromwell will be playing, but his involvement can only mean good things. James Cromwell will be joining Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Rafe Spall, Toby Jones, Ted Levine, Justice Smith and Daniella Pineda in the JURASSIC WORLD sequel, which is aiming to kick off production next month. We still don't know what the sequel will be about, but it's a good bet that it will involve people running from dinosaurs yet again. We're not the most intelligent species. According to Bayona, this second chapter of the JURASSIC WORLD trilogy will be "massive" and "way bigger than the last one."

JURASSIC WORLD 2 is set for a June 22, 2018 release.

Source: THR



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