The 206 movies you must see to work with Steven Spielberg

UPDATE - Some people who have worked with Spielberg claim this list is bogus...

This certainly qualifies as a strange news item of the day, but one that's rather interesting. This is currently being circulated on Twitter, and comes in via Nate Winslow. He claims that it's a list of 206 movies unofficially referred to as the "Spielberg Curriculum" that all filmmakers must see if they want to work with him.

The list is full of a great many classic films, but also some extremely obscure ones. Yes, most filmmakers have probably seen 12 ANGRY MEN and THE GODFATHER, but Winslow estimates that many young up and comers probably haven't seen anywhere close to the whole list. He says he'd be shocked if they'd seen 30 of them, but that's kind of BS because I've seen about 40+, and I'm far from an aspiring filmmaker.

You can check the whole thing out here in a Google Doc if you want. How many have you gotten through? With how many movie fans out there, I bet we have some fans out there that have a pretty decent percentage completed.

It's entirely possible this list might not in any way be related to Spielberg (I'm surprised there isn't more sci-fi), as it's going to be tough to get confirmation, but it's sure not a bad list to have if you want to expand your knowledge of film.

Extra Tidbit: I'm calling bullshit on Michael Bay having seen even a quarter of these.
Source: GoIntoTheStory



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