The Batmobile got a big gun upgrade in new photo from Zack Snyder

Bigger and better always seems to be the bar all sequels try to meet, and more often than not they fall flat on their over-priced face. The bigger is usually too big and the better usually suffers. But there’s nothing wrong with a few advancements here and there, and Zack Snyder just teased one particular kind of upgrade that will be sure to blast any unsuspecting baddies away. Hell, even the suspecting baddies are doomed.

Taking to the social media app Vevo, Snyder wrote the caption, “Upgrades…what are you worried about Wayne,” and shared with us a photo of the Batmobile’s upgrades for JUSTICE LEAGUE. Aside from a few more cup holders, the car’s most distinguishable new features are the even bigger guns strapped to the front. Did someone call an exterminator? No? Well...you got one.

Click to embiggen!

Why the bigger guns, you ask? Because clearly the ones on the car in BATMAN V. SUPERMAN were too small, and only somewhat obliterated enemy cars. In this movie Bats (Ben Affleck) will clearly be doing some serious driving and shooting at whatever massive threat befalls the team. That or his company just had a better-than-expected final quarter and he's splurging a bit.

I wasn’t a fan of BATMAN V. SUPERMAN (*gasp!*), but I think the car was pretty nifty. Fans who think Batman shouldn’t kill probably weren’t too big of fans over the massive guns on the Batmobile, but the car itself combined the sleekness of earlier versions (the Keaton era) and the Tumbler from the DARK KNIGHT trilogy. Dangerous and sporty…just how Batman likes it.

JUSTICE LEAGUE arrives November 17.

Source: Zack Snyder



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