The Belko Experiment trailer proves there are way worse jobs than yours

Every now and again you just need to watch a bunch of people murder each other for sport. It allows us to mask our own blood lust by hiding behind the excuse of “What? We’re studying human behavior!” But in reality there are simply few things more enticing than watching society break down to the point where everyone is killing each other for their own survival. THE BELKO EXPERIMENT from writer/executive producer James Gunn and director Greg McLean hopes to give a new spin on that angle by telling the story of a group of office workers who have been given an ultimatum: Kill three of your co-workers, or six more will be killed, before evolving to kill 30 or 60 die. Needless to say shit hits the fan, and you can watch it happen in the first trailer below!

The flick looks like good B-movie fun filled with blood, humor and a small statement on the nature of humanity thrown in. Gunn has become a huge name thanks to the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY movies, but it’s nice to see the darker, more twisted part his brain that came up with movies like SLITHER is still willing and able crank out some gory delights. Hopefully BELKO lives up to its premise and delivers the blood in buckets, the only unit of measurement befitting for blood.

THE BELKO EXPERIMENT with John Gallagher Jr., Tony Goldwyn, Melonie Diaz, Sean Gunn, Adria Arjona, John C. McGinley and Michael Rooker hits theaters March 17.

Source: Orion



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