The best CG characters

Entertainment Weekly's online offshoot, the aptly named EW.com, sure loves its lists, or countdowns, or whatever you want to call them. Today they've sprung one on us, and considering the current state of the film industry, this one is quite appropriate. Put in other terms, this list would not have existed 10 years ago. It's a countdown of their ten favourite fully CGI characters.

I was pretty shocked to see Jar Jar Binks in the top spot, but I suppose whoever compiled the list must have been a huge fan...You just freaked out, didn't you? That was a joke. But admit it, I had you for a second, right? Anyway, the list provides us with little nuggets of cool facts for each character, and when you think about it, the idea that we're even talking about full characters completely realized by machines, it shows you how far movies have come. The Lumière brothers would be rolling in their graves. Check out the list HERE.

Extra Tidbit: The T-rex in JURASSIC PARK is considered to have revolutionized the effects industry.
Source: EW.com



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