The Bioshock 2 launch trailer will drench you with awesomeness

In the continued of tradition of posting game trailers I deem appropriately “cinematic,” here’s the launch trailer for Bioshock 2 which debuted on Jimmy Fallon last night. The multiplatform game comes out next week, and has players heading back to Rapture to fight all manner of mutated freaks and semi-robotic scuba divers.

The trailer is half cutscene, half gameplay demo, as it shows Bomberman Big Daddy coming to the rescue of a Little Sister, and schooling a bunch of splicers in the process. Then Big Sister shows up with her Poseidon like powers of water control, and shit gets REAL.

As you’ll recall, there is a Bioshock movie adaptation in the works, and at one point, I was very excited about Gore Verbinski’s take on the underwater city. However, he’s since walked, and we now have 28 WEEKS LATER director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo stepping in to helm the project, an adequate replacement, but I really wanted to see Verbinski’s vision.

Extra Tidbit: Sadly, I don't think the hilarious "bees" power has made it's way into the sequel.
Source: JoBlo



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