The blooper reel for The LEGO Movie is almost as funny as the film itself

If you didn't check out THE LEGO MOVIE last weekend, you really owe it to yourself to see it. The movie is funny and one of the all around best animated movies in a long time. The sense of humor is great for all ages with some nice easter eggs for adults. Until the Blu-ray hits and the already announced sequel hits, we can enjoy the various clips and such available online.

Newly released is a blooper reel for THE LEGO MOVIE. Unlike the reels for movies like TOY STORY or A BUG'S LIFE, this reel is actual outtakes from the voice sessions from Will Arnett, Allison Brie, Morgan Freeman, Chris Pratt, and others. The animators then went ahead and matched their onscreen characters to the voices. The result is an actual blooper reel for an animated film.

Check it out below.

Also, a couple of music tracks have popped up for THE LEGO MOVIE. One is the official video for the song featured in the movie, "Everything is Awesome" performed by Tegan & Sara and The Lonely Island. The other is the full length audio for Will Arnett's Batman song as heard in the movie. Both are funny and made me want to go right out and get the soundtrack.

THE LEGO MOVIE is now playing in theaters.

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