Update: Mendes may be back after all! The Bond director shortlist: Nolan, Refn, Black, Hooper, Lee, and Yates

Update: Deadline is now reporting that Sony is negotiating with Sam Mendes to return for the next Bond movie after all. From the sounds of it, with Daniel Craig's ongoing contract negotiations, Sony and Eon are willing to wait to get Mendes back. More as it develops.

With the news earlier today that Nicolas Winding Refn was in the mix for the job of picking up after Sam Mendes' great job directing SKYFALL comes the news that he and Christopher Nolan are not the only names in contention for the job. In fact, the list has 6 known names and each one is a critically lauded filmmaker and box office success.

According to Variety, the other directors who are on the shortlist to direct the next Bond film are David Yates, Shane Black, Ang Lee, and Tom Hooper. The assumption of many is that Sony is doing everything they can do get the next Bond in theaters by 2014, but Variety is saying screenwriter John Logan is aiming for a 2016 release. The article also says timing is wonky due to Daniel Craig getting a new deal to cement him as Bond for future films.

Shane Black recently announced his involvement with his dream project, DOC SAVAGE, which would likely take him out if the next Bond were coming in 2014. But, if 2016 is the real expected release, four years after SKYFALL, then any of these filmmakers could do it. The only weak choice here is Tom Hooper who really did nothing special as a director for LES MISERABLES or THE KING'S SPEECH. Ang Lee would do a great job visually and David Yates would be serviceable. I would still go with Nolan, Refn, or Black if I had the choice.

So, for now we know these are the top six choices. Who would you choose?

Source: Variety



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