The Bourne Legacy ramps up its promotional efforts with a batch of four new banners

Bourne Legacy 656 banner

Friday brings us the first real test of Jeremy Renner's star power with the release of THE BOURNE LEGACY - the man has worked in a mostly supporting (but still intensive) capacity ever since his Academy Award nomination (THE HURT LOCKER), but THE BOURNE LEGACY is wholly his.

For better or for worse, a great deal is still unknown about this newest entry in the Bourne franchise, and these promotional materials choose to play on the strength of past images while sidestepping the reveal of any new information about who Renner's character of Aaron Cross is or the challenges he'll face. 

Not that the marketing's reticence is necessarily bad or anything, though I can't help but be a bit nervouse that the entire campaign seems to be built on the strength of "the Bourne name" rather than whatever assets THE BOURNE LEGACY might possess as a movie in and of itself.

TBL banner 1

TBL banner 2

TBL banner 3 article

I can't tell if this last banner is actually for THE BOURNE LEGACY or for a spoof starring Bear Grylls:

TBL banner 4

The majority of you voted that THE BOURNE LEGACY would take the top Box Office spot this weekend - do these promotional materials give you confidence that you voted correctly?

Extra Tidbit: Regular BOURNE composer John Powell has been replaced by James Newton Howard (SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, THE HUNGER GAMES) for THE BOURNE LEGACY.
Source: IndieWire



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