The Canceled Globes

Scrap everything below, the Golden Globes are CANCELED. Take all the time you need in this most trying time.

Golden Globes It seems the Hollywood Foreign Press Association couldn't broker a David Letterman-type deal with the WGA to move forward with the Golden Globes with a full writing staff so they've been forced to neuter the program. They recently sent out the following outline of what they plan to do come Sunday (January 13th) night:

At 9 pm [EST] there will be a press conference covered by NBC News announcing the Golden Globe winners. (9pm-10pm).

At 8 pm, we are negotiating with Dick Clark Enterprises for a one-hour retrospective/clip show.

At 7 pm we will air a Dateline with clips and interviews with nominees. (Currently scheduled to air for two hours on Saturday night.)

At 10 pm we will broadcast an "Access Hollywood" style, Golden Globes party show...visiting the various parties in Hollywood.

Let's observe a moment of silence for the first major awards show casualty of The One Strike.

Extra Tidbit: Check out the list of nominees HERE.
Source: HFPA



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