The character of Sleeping Beauty is now set to be reimagined as a modern-day stalker

Sleeping Beauty Disney kiss

MALEFICENT this is not.

Producer Neal Moritz (21 JUMP STREET, the FAST AND THE FURIOUS series) is guiding to movie screens near you "a modern-day retelling [of Sleeping Beauty] that finds the male protagonist accidently awakening Sleeping Beauty and finding that he can't get rid of the lovestruck heroine." 

Anyone else think that sounds a bit like ALL ABOUT STEVE but in the form of a fairy tale remake? Either way, I just really hope that Moritz' movie doesn't take the track of "this girl's really quirky and strange but it's cute so it's the guy's fault if she can't find happiness," because that story has been done before and it was bullshit and boring the first time. 

What are you thinking? SLEEPING BEAUTY is one of the more untouched fairy tales (beyond Disney), so maybe this "modern day stalking" spark is needed to jumpstart its pop-culture presence.  I'm seriously conflicted about having actually typed that last sentence.  Is there a way to make this movie work without falling into the bad rom-com traps?

Extra Tidbit: It's a trap!



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