The characters come out of their shells in Ghost in the Shell motion posters

The original anime GHOST IN THE SHELL (based on the manga) has scores of fans and has yet to wane in popularity since its release over two decades ago. The live-action remake with Scarlett Johansson has a lot to live up to if it wants to please fans, and a lot of that is going to start with getting the characters right. The trailers have obviously been very Johansson heavy, so we haven’t gotten to see much of anyone else, besides Pilou Asbaek’s Batou. But now you can get a look at a bevy of characters from the movie thanks to some new motion posters from the movie’s Twitter page. They’re a bit glitchy, so just keep hitting the side of your computer till they come up clear.

Check em out! That’s it, keep hitting!

I never saw the anime so I haven’t the slightest idea who these characters are. All I know is everyone looks geared-up and ready to kick some ass in these posters, which is enough for me. As we’ve seen in the trailers Johnasson looks ready and able to rock it with some sweet kicks and punches, so it’s only fitting she go up against some folks who can do the same. Just don't hurt her too bad, gang. She's a national treasure!!

GHOST IN THE SHELL arrives March 31.

Source: Twitter



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