The Coen Brothers' Inside Llewyn Davis gets a red band trailer

The Coen Brothers new films are always met with anticipation because you never know exactly what they are going to show you. From BLOOD SIMPLE to FARGO to NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN or A SIMPLE MAN, The Coens constantly reinvent themselves via genre and tone. INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS looks to be another ode to music as they did with O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU, albeit through a very different story.

INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS starts Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, Garrett Hedlund, and Justin Timberlake alongside frequent collaborator John Goodman to tell a story steeped in the 1960s folk music scene in New York. Here's a synopsis:

INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS follows a week in the life of a young folk singer as he navigates the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961. Guitar in tow, huddled against the unforgiving New York winter, he is struggling to make it as a musician against seemingly insurmountable obstacles—some of them of his own making.

The trailer is considered red band purely for language, so those of you hoping for violence or Carey Mulligan nudity will be disappointed. Check it out.

This new red band trailer is almost identical to the one we saw back in January but now it comes complete with a distributor and an official release date of December 6, 2013. I hope the Coens' trademark humor is not isolated to this trailer. From what we can see, this movie seems to be more of a drama with comedic elements thrown in, which is my favorite kind of Coen movie.

Source: Yahoo Movies



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