The Counselor picks up John Leguizamo and a first look at Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Counselor BTS

After the expansive (and expensive) experiments of ROBIN HOOD and PROMETHEUS, Ridley Scott is returning to a much more contained kind of storytelling with his next directing endeavor - a Cormac McCarthy-scripted piece titled THE COUNSELOR that tells the tale of a legal counselor (played by Michael Fassbender) who joins up with a character played by Javier Bardem to sell $20 million worth of cocaine. As you can imagine he slips into the deep water quickly, and almost certainly sees no help from the low-level drug dealer that Leguizamo has been brought in to play.

Besides Fassbender, Bardem, and Leguizamo, the cast of THE COUNSELOR also boasts Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, and Brad Pitt.  And it is of the latter that a behind-the-scenes shot has been snapped - nothing wild or groundbreaking, but if nothing else its fun to see Pitt working on a Ridley Scott film whilst wearing a cowboy hat again. 

You can see a legal counselor's life dissolve before your very eyes as only Cormac McCarthy can deliver come some undetermined date in 2013.

Penelope Cruz buried in the sand

Extra Tidbit: I find it very difficult to take Cameron Diaz' face seriously. Penelope Cruz, however... well, I take pretty much everything about her very seriously.
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