The Dark Knight logo!

I remember the rush of excitement and thank-god-they're-finally-doing-it-right relief I felt when I first saw the teaser site for BATMAN BEGINS, complete with the re-vamped Batman logo. It was dark, gritty, bold, industrial and was perfect at capturing the attitude and feel that Batman's relaunchers were going for and eventually achieved. Today brings a new chapter in Batman's 21st century cinematic re-emergence, as the teaser site for next summer's THE DARK KNIGHT has been launched, and a similarly ominous but awesome logo has been revealed. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what's happening here. It seems to be travelling at warp speed, causing it to break apart, and if that be the case, I'm curious as to what exactly that has to do with the film, but like I said before, it's cool so who really cares. Besides, after all those spy pics from the Chicago set and Heath Ledger-as-Joker fakes popping up, it's nice to finally get something official from Warners. THE DARK KNIGHT opens on July 18, 2008, and if you still don't believe that it's really happening, proof positive lies HERE.
Extra Tidbit: I never actually thought Warner Bros. would stick to the title THE DARK KNIGHT, but to their credit, they did. Could this be the first superhero movie without their name in the title?
Source: Warner Bros.



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