The Dark Knight Rises is the third film of 2012 to pass the $300 million mark domestically

TDKR manhole cover banner

People dig on THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, and if the box office numbers are any indication they dig on THE DARK KNIGHT RISES in a big way.  There are of course those who didn't like it, but then there are people like me who have seen it two or three (or more?) times.  And either way, the tickets get sold.

Despite now sitting dark and pretty at $304 million on its twelfth day of release, Nolan's final chapter in his Dark Knight Trilogy still has some catching up to do if it wants to triumph over the other two films that hit the $300 million domestic mark first: THE HUNGER GAMES ended up with $405.9 million and THE AVENGERS (natch) with $615.9 million. 

Even with the extremely high budget and expansive marketing campagin, that $304 million (plus Sunday's $248.2 million international total) must be sounding pretty damn good right now to the higher-ups. 

All the more reason why we'll probably be seeing you again very soon, Batman...

Extra Tidbit: THE DARK KNIGHT had actually hit $333.9 million by its twelfth day.



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