The Dark Tower TV series' fate might be based on a survey

So THE DARK TOWER did not reach the financial expectations Sony was gunning for. They were hoping they had a new LORD OF THE RINGS on their hands (as THE DARK TOWER is Stephen King's big fantasy epic series), but instead got a mediocre, YA-esque dud that squandered an awesome Idris Elba performance.

And this all puts the proposed DARK TOWER TV series in jeopardy. If no one is interested in the movie, why would they be interested in the show? Seems a reasonable question. Luckily the studio has a solution: surveys!

Yes, according to Deadline: "There was an unusual question in the exit survey for The Dark Tower this weekend, with moviegoers asked whether they were interested in a Dark Tower TV series. It was included in the survey by MRC, which is set to co-produce the series with Sony TV. The result was that 83% of The Dark Tower film audience indicated that they were definitely/probably interested in a TV series."

So it seems like there might be interest! Here's what MRC co-CEO Modi Wiczyk said about the results:

That is incredibly encouraging; what it shows is that there is a very big, excited audience for the show...People who have seen the movie are interested in a TV series whether or not they liked the movie; even if they didn’t like the movie, they were not turn off by that...the success of the film has no correlation to whether the show will be successful or not, it has to stand on its own.

So while it's still no guarantee, it seems a DARK TOWER TV series might still be on the way. Huh. Didn't see that one coming.

Meanwhile, THE DARK TOWER movie is in theaters now (unless your local theater pulled it).

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Source: Deadline



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