The dinos are loose in Jurassic World 2 trailer teasers

Earlier this week the Avengers returned to face their doom in the jaw-dropping AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR trailer and the internet was, indeed, broken. But there’s another major blockbuster on the way, and it hopes to cause a similar ruckus with its first trailer – JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM. We won’t get to see the trailer until this Thursday when it airs during Thursday Night Football, but before then you can get a glimpse at the dino action in the new trailer teases, with feature tons of dinosaurs on the loose and Chris Pratt left without his trusty motorcycles and Velociraptors. You can check out a combination of both teasers above!

These aren’t meant to be the best representation of the movie, but there’s certainly a style here worth noting. Director J.A. Bayona has done some work in the horror field (THE ORPHANAGE), and this footage has a darker side to it, and even looks a bit scary, especially with that dino coming out of the tunnel/vent. Hopefully, the shift in style will ensure the sequel can overcome the “meh” of JURASSIC WORLD, and Pratt saying "this is gonna to be awesome" while unloading a big, dead dinosaur certainly helps. 

JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM arrives June 22, 2018, and stick around for the trailer on Thursday.

Source: Universal



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