The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby trailer combines two films into one

If you're unfamiliar with THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ELEANOR RIGBY, then the behind-the-scenes story of the film may be more interesting than the final result. The film is an ambitious project by writer/director Ned Benson. Originally, the projects was crafted to be two films, each with the subtitle HER and HIM. Both 90 minute films were designed to give each lead's perspective on the same events. You can get a feel for that right away in the latest trailer.

Take a look:

While the initial idea was to have two films (you can check out a review of those from TIFF here), the end result looks to be a single 2-hour film, using footage from both HIM and HER to create THEM. I'm guessing marketing decided to drop the subtitle, but I do hope that both HIM and HER will be available on the eventual Blu-ray/DVD release. The trailer, as it is now, I thought was okay. It didn't exactly hit my romance bone (whatever that is) but I'm rather fascinated to see if the experiment paid off. Besides, Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy are ridiculously charismatic actors, so I'm sure it wont be too hard to invest in their plight.

THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ELEANOR RIGBY looks to hit theaters September 26, 2014.

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