The Dreamworks Face takes center stage in new Megamind poster

Good Lord Dreamworks, do you do this just to mess with us now? Because it’s literally impossible you’re this oblivious to what people say about your movies. 

It’s long been a running joke when comparing Dreamworks and Pixar that Pixar thinks of brilliant, creative ideas, and Dreamworks has a series of animals doing things animals don’t usually do while all wearing the same smirk on their faces. This is best demonstrated by this comic here.

Well, in this new poster for Megamind, the smirk takes center stage as the company's animators can’t seem to figure out how to keep virtual eyebrows level with each other. Granted, we’ve moved on from animals, but still, come on guys, this is getting embarrassing.

That being said, I think MEGAMIND looks pretty decent, but I am rooting for DESPICABLE ME to be the better film with a similar concept.

Click to see the poster in hi-res over the Pimpin' Poster Palace. 

Extra Tidbit: I think The Rock should sue them for infringing on his "People's Eyebrow."
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