The Dude's True Grit?

Whoa, His Dudeness is reuniting with the Coen Brothers... for a remake of a classic western? The Dude meets The Duke?

Pour yourself a strong caucasian and celebrate -- actor Jeff Bridges is indeed looking to saddle up and slap leather for his BIG LEBOWSKI comrades in an update of TRUE GRIT.

The 1969 film starred John Wayne as eyepatch-wearing US Marshal Rooster Cogburn, who joins a Texas Ranger and a tough young woman to track a murderer into hostile Indian territory. Wayne won an Oscar for his portrayal of the ill-tempered drunken antihero (which he again played in the sequel ROOSTER COGBURN).

The Coens are reportedly sticking closer to the original Charles Portis novel and want to focus their film on the teenage tomboy's search for justice. While the Coens displayed their skill with the tone in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, Bridges is no stranger to the dusty trail himself (WILD BILL, HEAVEN'S GATE).

Extra Tidbit: What kind of western would it be without Sam Elliott?
Source: Variety



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