The end begins and the Emperor emerges in final Star Wars: Rebels trailer

Although I never quite got into Star Wars: Rebels as much as Star Wars: The Clone Wars, it has been welcoming to witness the series mature and evolve as it told the story of the rise of the Rebel Alliance, and now, Rebels is very near the end. The animated series is due to return on February 19th, with back-to-back episodes every Monday, before coming to a close with an extended 90-minute finale on March 5th, which will hopefully conclude the series in grand fashion. A brand-new trailer has been released which gives us a tease of what's to come, which seems to include Emperor Palpatine (now voiced by Ian McDiarmid) confronting Ezra Bridger.

The trailer opens with many flashbacks from previous seasons, and executive producer Dave Filoni told Entertainment Weekly that he "felt like it was important to give this last trailer an overall perspective of what this kid had come from and what he had been learning. I like that line that line that says, ‘You’ve never been like anyone else…'" As for the Emperor, Filoni told io9 that "It’s kind of fun to leave it to speculation. There are many twists and turns when you’re dealing with a character like Palpatine. He’s so wonderfully written all the time, especially in the films. And it seemed inevitable that if you’re dealing with the Empire, if you’re on this quest to fight evil, that you’re going to have to come across the real devil of our saga, which is Palpatine. So I think, in some ways, it was an inevitable encounter for Ezra. So we’ll see what that yields."

What are your hopes for the finale of Star Wars: Rebels?

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