The End is Nigh, Watchmen 2 coming?

UPDATE: This is what one of Nikki Finke's (Deadline Hollywood) inside cronies had to say on the prospect of a sequel: "There is no truth to anything related to a movie sequel. Not a chance by a longshot. With regards to the comics, well, I guess anything is possible. I'll keep my opinion to myself as to whether it's a smart idea to do so."

Before a movie came along, the story of the WATCHMEN was seen by many as too difficult to translate into film.

Whether the fans were ready for it or not, the movie adaptation of Alan Moore's graphic novel premiered in 2009. The response on the film continues to be mixed, as the adaptation just didn't do the novel justice for most. But when you thought it was all finished and there was nothing more to say, according to DC's senior vice president Dan Didio, there's much more.

When Paul Levitz left his position as President and publisher of DC Comics it left the story of the WATCHMEN alone, vulnerable, and ready to be exploited by anyone. Didio has taken it upon himself to crusade for prequels, sequels, and spin-offs for the world that is occupied by Rorschach, Nite Owl II, Dr. Manhattan, Silk Spectre II, Ozymandias, amongst many others.

Levitz stayed loyal to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, saying that he knew they would be against anything WATCHMEN 2. Now with Levitz out of the picture and Moore disassociating himself completely from his own work, this leaves Didio free to do what he wants. These events were said to have been a long time coming. The characters of the WATCHMEN were going to make their way into the universe of, 52. Instead, Earth 4 was inspired by elements of WATCHMEN.

Do what you want with this information. I wouldn't be surprised if certain WATCHMEN started popping up in other projects. Then again, how much of an audience would this have? I don't want to pull the fangirl card out here by starting talk about how awful or dreadful I think this could possibly be. Only because I honestly don't know if they'll get it off the ground.

Who watches the WATCHMEN? Apparently, no one. What do you guys think?

Extra Tidbit: Maybe WATCHMEN babies isn't so funny after all.
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