The Engineer speaks in this deleted scene from Prometheus

For those of you who missed it, PROMETHEUS was released today via DigitalHD on iTunes and direct from Fox. This marks the first look at the special features for the film, including deleted scenes.

We have already seen the alternate opening scene featuring the other Engineer, but this new clip comes from the conclusion of the movie and gives us actual dialogue spoken by The Engineer himself! This is a brief edit of the full scene that finds Peter Weyland confronting The Engineer. Previously, the scene went straight to David having his head ripped off, but this snip of dialogue adds quite a bit to the scene. Check it out.

While we may never get the full Director's Cut of PROMETHEUS, these scenes do give a tantalizing glimpse at what was excised from the final film.

The DigitalHD copy of PROMETHEUS comes with a director's commentary, a featurette entitled "Transmission", and four deleted scenes: “The Engineer Speaks”, “Final Battle”, “Skin” and “Janek fills Vickers in”.

PROMETHEUS hits Blu-ray on October 11th.

Extra Tidbit: Am I the only one who loved PROMETHEUS despite its flaws?
Source: AVP Galaxy



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