The female Adam Sandler gets romanced by Al Pacino in the trailer for Jack and Jill

In the trailer for JACK AND JILL, Adam Sandler goes down a path that many comedians have gone down at one time or another--dressing as a woman for laughs.

This certainly isn't the first time Sandler has dressed up as a woman. Remember the mall chicks skit on SNL with Sandler, Chris Farley and Kevin Nealon? That was amusing. This is not. What the hell is Al Pacino doing in something like this? Also, I swear I saw Geoff Pierson at the dinner table, but can't find him listed anywhere in the cast. Another favorite SNL alum is in this as well, Dana Carvey, but he is nowhere to be seen in this trailer.

This trailer only serves as a reminder that Adam Sandler needs to take a break from comedy if this is the sort of stuff he's going to continue putting out.

Extra Tidbit: I do have some hope for I HATE YOU, DAD though.
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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